Lawn Service in Wylie Texas by Professionals

Lawn Service WylieAre you the type of person that likes to have everything around in tip-top shape at all times? If that is the case, then please call CitiTurf for all of your Wylie lawn service requirements and we will make certain that your lawn, shrubs, trees, and garden are the house that every other home in the neighborhood is compared to.

If that sounds confident, then you are correct. We have been working in our profession for as long as we can remember and we take a tremendous amount of pride in our work. We can state categorically that if you allow us to work both with and for you, then your plants, yard, trees, and garden surrounding your home will look better than they EVER have. Not only will they look so much better, but they will also be healthier than they have ever been, which will result in them lasting for much longer.

Wylie TX Lawn Service

The following list is just a tiny portion of the lawn services CitiTurf can provide you in Wylie:

Lawn Mowing Service – No job is too large or too small.

Lawn Fertilization – You need to do it to keep your yard healthy and beautiful.

Weed Control Service – After we have been there for a while, this will no longer be something to consider, but when we first start, this might be required.

Bush Trimming Service – Most every yard has them and we can make them look spectacular all year round.

Tree Service – These should be taken care of every few years and if an emergency arises, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Flower Service – If you have a garden, then we have the specialist that will make it look even more stunning than you ever imagined possible.

Full Service Sprinkler System Repair and Maintenance – Don’t you just hate it when your lawn man breaks your sprinklers and does not fix them? If that is a common occurrence after your yard has been mowed, then look no further than Lawn Service by Wylie to end that headache and frustration once for all.

Full Service Pest Control – This is an important part of any yard’s regular maintenance schedule and we do it better and more economically than anybody else.

Seasonal Flowers – If you want a little bit extra and would like to have without question the nicest looking home in the neighborhood, then please by all means let our expert gardening technicians take care of this for you.

Mulch Flower Beds – This is not very expensive at all and the improvement it will bring will leave you wondering why it took you so long to try it.

Leaf Removal – If you have a large amount of trees in your yard, then you are fully aware of this annoyance and isn’t it about time to make it somebody else’s problem?

Winter Rye – We can seed an entirely new yard for you with top-grade rye that results in a slow growing, healthy green lawn.

Spring / Fall Cleanup – It should be done once a year as part of a maintenance package.
Please feel free to call the CitiTurf Professionals for all of your Wylie Lawn Service Needs at 972-516-0001 for a FREE Estimate.

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