Lawn Service in Plano Texas by CitiTurf

Tired of hiring so-called ‘lawn service professionals’ who only get half the job done? Sick of coming home after a hard day’s work to find your recently mowed lawn littered with clippings and excess debris left for you to pick up? Think if you have to replace another sprinkler head your lawn service ran over and refused to repair, you might scream? Have no fear; CitiTurf comprehensive lawn service is here!

Plano TX Lawn Service Experts

CitiTurf takes care of your entire lawn from the ground up. In addition to our standard mowing service—consisting of even mowing of the entire lawn; weedeating around posts, fences, trees, and miscellaneous lawn ornaments; sidewalk, patio, and driveway edging and trimming clean-up—we offer the following in our approach to comprehensive lawn care:

Lawn Service PlanoWhile our weed control and fertilization service keeps your lawn looking rich and healthy, our bush and tree trimming service keeps your shrubs and perennials looking sharp. Meanwhile, our flower planting service adds just the touch of color to call attention to your manicured lawn and our pest control service rids your grass, bushes, and flower beds of devouring insects.

In the spring and fall, take advantage of our leaf removal and miscellaneous clean-up services. In September through October, request a complete scalping and reseeding or your lawn prior to the harsh winter months.

CitiTurf’s comprehensive lawn service in Plano is available on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Call Cititurf today for your free lawn service Plano estimate at 972-516-0001, or fill out our Easy Free Estimate Form and a representative will contact you.

Benefits of Plano Lawn Service by CitiTurf

Your lawn can say as much about you as your house, car or clothes can. Your lawn can give off an impression of apathy and neglect, or one of health and carefully manicured beauty. Invited a client or colleague over a home-cooked meal? Preparing for a visit for the in-laws, or a child coming home from college? In addition to health and vitality, your lawn can indicate an environment of warmth and welcoming to family, friends, and professional acquaintances. You might even find that you inspire your neighbors to take better care of their own lawns, improving perceptions and possibly even property values of your entire community.

But you don’t have to do it all by yourself. In fact, you don’t have to do any of it yourself when you employ CitiTurf lawn service professionals. Let us do the work for you, allowing you the time and energy to concentrate on other things, such as making up the guest room for Grandma or refinishing your daughter’s desk in time for Christmas.

When you go with CitiTurf, you can rest assured that the grass is greener and the flowers brighter on your lawn than any other. Call CitiTurf today for your free service estimate at 972-516-0001, or email us via our Contact Us page.

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