Lawn Maintenance in Sachse Texas

Lawn maintenance in Sachse, Texas calls for a unique kind of specialist. The region has its own brand of flora and fauna and knowing how to tend to your garden takes the experience and training that only CitiTurf can provide. As a matter of fact, we at CitiTurf are so confident in our lawn maintenance service that we back it up with an unmatched 100% guarantee.

Lawn Maintenance SachseThat’s right, if you don’t like our lawn maintenance service, we’ll even pay for another lawn service of your choosing.

We can do that because we go to great lengths to hire the best professionals, train them, re-train them to meet our high standards of excellence and then walk with them every step of the way while they assess your lawn and property, work out the lawn care procedure and then put it into action. We follow up too and keep in great communication with you along the way. We just don’t cut and run, we stay with you from seed to sprout. Call now and get a free estimation at 972-516-0001 or send an e-mail to

Sachse TX Lawn Maintenance Services

We offer a comprehensive lawn maintenance program unequaled in the area of Sachse. The reason is because we know the terrain and the environment. We know what to cut, when, how to water it and how to get rid of the pests that might plague the area. That’s right, we not only help you start your lawn and mow it but we go to battle with any number of insects that might attack.

We only hire 100% legal technicians and you can rest assured we’ll be with you all the way throughout your lawn maintenance adventure and keep that pride and equity you’ve invested in your home. You can bet that our technicians won’t shy away from their responsibility to provide the widest range of professional care for an affordable price. Why, we even take care of your flowers!

CitiTurf Doesn’t Take Shortcuts

We go to bat for you no matter what. When we do Lawn Mowing in Sachse, we’ll trim the walks and posts and fences and the dog house, too if need be. When we Fertilize the Lawn and do our famous Weed Control, we use our exclusive CitiTurf eight week treatment program that nourishes your lawn for that lush and majestic look. We also provide pre-emergent and post-emergent Weed Control.

Best of the City 2012CitTurf’s teams will provide Bush Trimming Service in Sachse and we’ll do those hedges, perennials, decorative grass and ornamental trees. We’ll even go after those molds, mildew, and fungus that can compromise your property.

Add to all that our comprehensive Tree Service that includes diagnostics and Advanced Tree & Shrub Care and you’re talking a top notch team that is second to none.


Rest assured with CitiTurf Sachse Lawn Maintenance

So don’t worry when it comes to lawn maintenance in Sachse. CitiTurf is right here to provide the best in comprehensive lawn care from mowing to pest removal, weed removal, nurturing the growth and maintenance of your lawn, shrubs, trees, and even flowers.

So call us today at 972-516-0001 or send us an e-mail at to receive your free estimation.

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