Lawn Maintenance in Allen Texas

Providing service in Allen, Wylie, McKinney, The Colony, Plano, Sachse, Frisco and Murphy, Texas, Cititurf is the leading lawn service company in the Lone Star state. When you become a Cititurf customer, you can experience the miracle of a lush and healthy lawn year round, with no dirt under your fingernails or aching back muscles. Better yet, you can spend your free time enjoying your lawn as opposed to maintaining it. Call Cititurf today at 972-516-0001 for your free lawn maintenance estimate, or visit our website at

Allen TX Lawn Maintenance

After working Monday through Friday from 9 to 5 or later, the last thing you probably want to do Saturday morning is lace up your work boots and spend the day pushing a mower across your lawn. Fortunately for you, Cititurf lawn service provides ongoing lawn maintenance on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, meaning you never have to worry about being robbed of your hard-earned weekends. Instead of weeding, hoeing and mowing your Saturdays and Sundays away, take in a matinee with the wife or visit the zoo with the kids. Better yet, spend an afternoon your favorite chair with a good book, or even—God forbid—take a nap!

Lawn Maintenance AllenCititurf services are available seven days a week, 12 months a year, to include same-day service. Call us at 972-516-0001 this morning and smell the fresh cut grass by suppertime. You might even find yourself inspired to take supper to the lawn in alfresco picnic fashion.

We Can Do It All

Providing much more than your standard mowing service, Cititurf offers fertilization and weed control service, flower service, bush trimming and tree service, pest control, leaf removal, miscellaneous clean-up, and sprinkler system maintenance and repair services. Visit our services page to learn more about what Cititurf lawn maintenance Allen has to offer.

Obtain an Estimate

You can obtain a free service estimate by calling us 972-516-0001, or by filling out our Free Estimate form. When comparing lawn service estimates, ask the following questions of lawn service companies:

1. Does your company offer fertilization and weed control service? If so, is this service provided from within the company or contracted out to another company?

2. Do you guarantee service and customer satisfaction in writing?

3. Are your mower blades sharpened daily in order to prevent rough patches?

4. Do you switch mowing direction weekly in order to insure lawn uniformity?

5. Does your company carry a minimum of $1,000,000 liability coverage at all times?

6. Do you hire U.S. citizens or persons legally allowed to work in the U.S.?

7. Will you repair or replace equipment, such as damaged sprinkler heads? If so, how quickly will you repair them?

Cititurf guarantees customer service satisfaction in writing or the service is free. We carry a minimum of $1,000,000 liability coverage at all times, hire only U.S. citizens, and take pride in repairing or replacing damaged equipment promptly and cost-effectively. We will even cover the cost of repair or replacement if we are at fault for the damage.

When you go with Cititurf, you can rest assured that your lawn and maintenance equipment are in professional hands. Call 972-516-0001 today for your free service estimate, or visit our website at Don’t wait! Call now to experience the most comprehensive lawn maintenance service Allen has to offer!

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