Lawn Care in Sachse Texas at it’s Finest

If you live in the wonderful area of Sachse, Texas and own a home, you know the value of having a great looking lawn.

Well, a great looking lawn is one thing, but a well maintained one is where we at CitiTurf come in, as we are the best at lawn care servicing in Sachse.

Best of the City 2012Lawn care in Sachse is a very specialized process. The terrain, weather, plant, and animal life are quite unique and call for lawn care specialists that have to be knowledgeable about all sorts of combinations of life and how it affects lawn care.

Our technicians are hand trained to meet our high standards of lawn care and that also means when we hire new staff, we re-train them in line with our technologies and standards that meet the most rigorous of excellence. We leave nothing to chance.

We understand that your home is one of your biggest investments and a lawn not only is a visible asset, but its maintenance can help secure the quality of the foundation and infrastructure of your property. A lawn poorly cared for can damage other plants and structures which is why you need specialists in lawn care that work from the bottom to the top. Call 972-516-0001 today for your free estimate and see what CitiTurf can do for your lawn. Or write us at

Sachse TX Lawn Care Services

We work with soil integrity using a unique fertilization procedure that incorporates a time released process so that your lawn gets the nourishment that it needs the right way.

CitiTurf knows the challenges of lawn care in Sachse and we can tailor our techniques and services just for that. For example we just don’t mow your lawn, we do the trimming and weedeating, and we trim posts, fences, even the doghouse, swing sets, pool, and anything stationary. We waste nothing and use mulching so that the lawn gets that recycled grass to better nourish it. Our fertilizing process incorporates our special eight-treatment care program that handles pre-emergent weed control and post-emergent control of both broadleaf and grassy weeds. That’s right, we go to war with those pesky invaders and keep your lawn looking great at the same time.

Lawn Care SachseIf that’s not enough, we also have bush trimming services that have our well trained staff capable of getting rid of all sorts of various hedges, perennials, shrubs, decorative grass and ornamental trees! We even go to bat for you against such menaces as mold, mildew, fungus and a variety of insects that can cause damage to your property. When we say comprehensive lawn care we mean it! Call now and get a free estimation at 972-516-0001 or email us via our Contact Us page.

If you’ve got trees and flowers we’ll take care of them too! We don’t take shorts by any means when it comes to providing you with the best lawn care anywhere. If you wonder how we handle lawn maintenance in Sachse, rest assured that we know the territory from the top of your trees to the bottom of your shrubs. Our special 100% satisfaction guarantee is one of a kind. We can offer such a guarantee because we’re that confident in our services and our long line of satisfied customers is the badge of honor we present.

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