It seems that Instagram sets the tone in gardening and landscaping for the upcoming year. The young generation of property owners gets more and more creative and it does not settle for less than they deserve. Today, our lawn care Plano TX service providers talk about the major 2019 trends in lawn care and landscaping, for your inspiration. Let’s see what to expect next year on our lawns and gardens!

1. The More Vibrant Colors the Better

The new generation of owners will invest in multicolored, rainbow-like flower gardens. Our lawn care Plano Texas specialists are here to meet their needs and recommend them the best native flowers and decorative plants they can add to their lawns and gardens.

In case you did not know, next year’s trends revolve around the concept of climate change and preservation of resources. Considering that we no longer can rely on historical weather data to build our landscaping projects for the months to come, we have to rely on more and more resilient vegetation. Here are some ideas:

  • Multicolored flower beds, hedges, small trees, and painted containers featuring native plants needing little to no water or special maintenance;
  • Colored furniture pieces;
  • Urban jungle concepts – colored exotic plants used to arid areas that can create a shady, cool patio with their foliage;
  • Hand-painted decorations and DIY projects adding color, contrast, and whimsical fun to any garden.

2. Externalized Eco-Conscious Lawn Maintenance Plano TX Services

The new generation of property owners live extremely busy and dynamic lives. Even if they sometimes try their green thumb on some DIY gardening projects, the majority of lawn maintenance Plano TX services will receive professional treatment from landscaping expert companies.

However, as experts say, the young generation shows different expectations from their landscape service providers and companies should be ready to meet and exceed such expectations. Environmental-savvy property owners want their lawn care Plano TX providers to understand and implement eco-friendly maintenance methods, organic fertilization, xeriscaping ideas, organic pest control measures, and more.

The change in paradigm stems from the climate changes and environmental protection efforts the young generation takes very seriously.

3. Blended Landscaping: Indoor and Outdoor Elements

Our lawn care Plano TX experts know the young owners love this area for its great weather and outdoor fun opportunities. Next year, we will see a rise in blended indoor and outdoor elements:

  • Multi-functional dining and sitting areas, blending in lush vegetation and utilities (benches, outdoor furniture, garden fire pits, etc.);
  • Think about large patios with improved designs – barbeque areas, outdoor kitchens, pools, and decks. They please these young and optimistic owners and improve their homes’ curb appeals through the roof;
  • Speaking of pools, one of the biggest trends for next year – fully embraced by the young people preparing their landscapes – is water features. If you have a new property and want to turn it into a veritable corner of Paradise, have our lawn service Plano TX specialists help you pick the best elements and vegetation to highlight your fountains, ponds, springs, or waterfalls.

As an element of surprise, next year’s trends in gardening and landscaping revolve around asymmetry. Straight lines turn into curves; regular geometrical shapes become polygons and complex “wild” arrangements in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Do not be afraid to ask our lawn care Plano TX experts for their advice on the best trends you can implement next year on your property! If you want the peace, tranquility, and relaxation a gorgeous lawn and landscape brings, ask our specialists for a free estimate and put them to good use next spring!