When it comes to lawn care and landscaping you surely took into account lawn edging. This is a simple solution to visually enhance your property and clearly define separate areas of your landscape. Lawn edging plays a double role: from an aesthetic standpoint it helps you achieve a neat, ordered, organized lawn; from a functional perspective it helps you create barriers and delimitations. This strategy is recommended to those who prefer a more organized lawn rather than a wilder one. Our lawn care Plano TX experts are here today to offer you some ideas on natural lawn edging using materials at-hand to follow the naturescaping trends we already talked about a few times before.

1. Plants and Ornamentals

Usually, a lawn is edged using hedges or shrubs, but our lawn care Plano TX specialists recommend you to think a bit further. Here is what they recommend today as trendy and beautiful natural borders for your lawn:

  • Dwarf trees for a bit of privacy, especially if you want to border a lawn side with a pool or a patio
  • French marigolds – which are all the rage right now in summer landscaping
  • Potted bougainvillea – the tree-tamed one, not the vine types
  • Texas superstars
  • White Gaura shrubs
  • Dwarf Butterfly bushes

If you want to go with naturescaping all the way down, our lawn care Plano TX specialists recommend native plants, grasses or shrubs to cut down maintenance costs and effort. Keep in mind that from a visual point of view, you can border your lawn with differently shaded types of turf and grasses as well.

2. Rocks and Stones

One landscaping trend that doesn’t seem to fade away is the use of natural rocks and stones. This year is all about natural-looking lawns that need little maintenance and watering, but which offer a neat, rustic, natural look to the entire property. If you have a penchant for symmetry and composed looks, try blending in your lawn not only rocky edges, but also a stone fire pit or patio, a stone-bordered pond or even a pool that looks rustic and not quite like a 5-star hotel. Rocks and stones are some of the easiest landscape elements to maintain. You can also use them if you want to cut back the lawn’s size.

3. Wood

Even a more natural, raw, and rustic option is represented by wooden elements to border your lawn. If you think about wooden fences, you are on the right path, but our lawn care Plano TX experts also recommend you try natural and untreated wood logs to create small but beautiful fences and borders. Those who are inclined towards symmetry may choose identical logs (in height and circumference), while those with a wilder heart may want to look into differently sized logs for a deeper rustic flair.

If you are interested in other types of natural lawn edging options, talk to your lawn care Plano TX specialists to find the best solutions for you this summer! They may recommend mixed solutions for an eclectic look!