Taking care of your lawn is no easy task. Season by season, you have to consider what tasks you have to do to make sure you achieve the perfect lawn condition. When it comes to lawn care, Murphy TX residents create a checklist of tasks that they can follow each season of the year.

Spring Tasks for Lawn Care in Murphy TX

The best season to lay down the ground work for lawn care is during spring time. Take advantage of the good weather and optimize the growth of the grass.

Lawnmowers are a great help in cutting off the grass. Make sure it is in tip-top shape before using it. Check the blades if they need to be replaced. Make sure they are sharp because blunt and dull blades can cause damage to your lawn. It can also help prevent injury and accidents. Check the air filters and sparkplug if they also require replacement. Check the tank if it still has gas. If you were not able to drain the gas the last time you used it, make sure to replace with the new one. Clean the lawnmower and make sure that the grass is dry before starting mowing.

Twigs and leaves may have scattered all throughout your lawn. If you do not immediately clear these, this may accumulate and add more work. Debris can form a layer over the turf and smother it. Clear up the debris unwanted twigs before applying fertilizers and pesticides.

Using fertilizers is a good idea and it is best done during winter. This is the time when the grass starts to grow actively. Read and follow the directions indicated carefully if you plan to do it on your own. Instructions are normally found at the back of the product label.

Aerate your lawn during springtime. The soil becomes compacted during this time and this is where aeration is very much needed so that nutrients can reach the grass more effectively.

For those who do not know, weeds grow simultaneously with grass. Make sure to prevent unwanted guests and apply pre-emergent herbicide before they start to invade and damage your lawn.

Summer Murphy TX Lawn Care Tasks

As summer approaches, residents should observe how their lawns are doing. Watch out for signs of grubs that can eventually damage the grass roots. In addition, be wary of brown patches that could appear because this is a sign that pests could be present. Immediately use the necessary insecticide or milky spore.

There will be times that you want to cut off the grass very short if it appears to grow fast. Alternatively, it is better to mow on a regular basis than to cut it too short. Coming from the experts’ advice, it is recommended to cut no more than a third of the grass blade.

Herbicide is needed if you see weeds that are starting to affect your lawn. Should you see a few growing, remove them right away. Do this first as opposed to applying post-emergent herbicides. Do the latter as your final option.

Water your lawn deeper but less frequently. This is a good advice so as to control the fast paced growth more manageably.  After mowing, leave the grass clippings until they decompose.

Fall Tasks for Lawn Care in Murphy TX

This is the season when you want to cover the bald spots of your lawn. Remove the dead grass and compost should be added to the soil. Start re-seeding and water the spot lightly until new grass sprouts. Make the soil moist by scattering grass clippings on the said area.