Brown patch is a common fungal disease that usually affects lawns in warm, humid climates, including those in Texas. If you suspect your lawn has been infected with brown patch, the first thing that you should do is to have a professional confirm the diagnosis. Once it’s confirmed that your lawn is suffering from this fungal disease, it’s important to schedule a curative treatment right away to stop it from spreading further. After the disease has been treated, you should schedule lawn care services, like fertilization and aeration, to help your turf recover. This will also strengthen your lawn and help build up its resistance to stressors, like brown patch, and have a better chance of fighting it off in the future.

You will need to confirm that your lawn is suffering from brown patch by contacting a professional.

Brown patch diseased lawn in Murphy, TX.

If you suspect that your lawn is infected with brown patch, you'll want to contact a professional to confirm the diagnosis. That’s because brown patch can look like other lawn diseases or sometimes even resemble symptoms of dehydration. So, it's important to bring in a pro to determine whether or not your lawn is suffering from brown patch, as you want to ensure you give it the proper care and treatments.

Common signs of brown patch include large, circular spots of brown or dead grass across your lawn.

If your lawn is suffering from brown patch, you should schedule a curative treatment immediately.

Once you've confirmed that your lawn is infected with brown patch, it's important to schedule a curative treatment as soon as possible. This is because it can spread quickly and cause significant damage to your turf if left untreated. When you schedule a curative treatment, lawn care professionals will come out to your property to apply a fungicide to your lawn. This treatment will stop brown patch in its tracks so it can’t continue to spread and cause further damage.

Once brown patch has been treated, you'll want to schedule lawn care services to help your lawn recover.

Granular fertilizer being applied from applicator in Wylie, TX.

After you’ve had professionals apply a curative treatment to eliminate brown patch from your lawn, you’ll have to deal with the damage that it caused. To do this, you'll want to schedule lawn care services, such as fertilization and core aeration, to help it recover. Fertilization provides your lawn with the nutrients it needs to bounce back and become healthy again after a brown patch infection, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These three essential nutrients are the key to helping it develop deep, robust root systems and grow stronger, greener grass again.

Meanwhile, core aeration helps to improve the health of your lawn by increasing air, water, and nutrient flow to its roots. This is particularly important after a brown patch infection, as the fungus often damages the roots and reduces their ability to absorb precious resources. Combining fertilization and core aeration services can help your lawn recover from brown patch damage, as well as strengthen it so that it’s better able to withstand future infections and other stressors.

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