Here in Texas, fire ants can be a huge problem for homeowners if they infest their lawns. While it may be tempting to try and handle a fire ant infestation yourself, that's usually a bad idea as it is a dangerous task. That's because fire ants are very aggressive and if you try to get rid of them yourself, you'll be at risk of getting bit or stung. What's more, fire ants have huge colonies and they create intricate underground tunnels, making it difficult to get rid of them all. Professional pest control companies will have the know-how to safely eliminate your fire ant problem, and they'll even return and administer additional treatments for free if you're still seeing ants after the initial treatment.

Fire ants are aggressive and can administer painful bites and stings!

Pile of fire ants found on property in Plano, TX.

While tiny, fire ants are very aggressive, and if they feel threatened they can go into a frenzy and start attacking. If you get too close, you could end up with a ton of fire ants crawling on you and their bites and stings are incredibly painful. What's more, some people are even allergic to fire ants, making them that much more dangerous if you happen to be allergic to them. When you hire professionals to handle your fire ant problem, you won't have to worry about being bit or stung, and you can just sit back while the infestation is dealt with.

Getting rid of an entire fire ant colony is a difficult task.

While you may think that the mound on the surface of your lawn is all you need to deal with when attempting to get rid of fire ants, there's actually much more to it. Fire ants create intricate underground tunnels that they use to transport food, house their young, and move around undetected. If you don't get all of the ants, they can quickly start reproducing, and in just a short time, the colony could be back in full force and you would have wasted both your time and money. Professionals will make sure that they target your entire property, ensuring that all of the ants are dealt with.

A single fire ant colony can contain around 20,000 ants, and sometimes much more if left untreated for too long!

Most professional pest control companies will back their services with a guarantee.

Fire ant hill in lawn in Sachse, TX.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional pest control company to handle your fire ant problem is that most companies will back their service with a guarantee. This means that if you still see fire ants on your property after they've administered their treatments, they will come back out at no additional charge to you to take care of the remaining ants. So, when you hire professionals that back their services with a guarantee, you can feel confident that it won't be a waste of money because they will continue treating your lawn until your fire ant problem has been dealt with completely!

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If you're dealing with a fire ant infestation on your property, don't try to handle it yourself! Instead, give us a call to deal with it for you. At CitiTurf, we not only offer a curative fire ant control service to get rid of any current fire ant infestations, but we also offer preventative treatments to keep them off of your lawn in the first place! We offer this service to residential property owners in Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Murphy, TX and throughout the surrounding areas. Give us a call today at 972-516-0001 to schedule our fire ant control service!