The Southern Mole Cricket: Pest Control Wylie, TX Experts’ Tips

Some of the most annoying and dangerous pests of them all are the ones that work deep undercover and which do their dirty deeds far from anybody’s sight. Sometimes, such pests can undetectably ravish a lawn entirely before anyone notices. Our pest control Wylie, TX specialists are here today to give you a short presentation on the Southern Mole Cricket, a pest which is both invisible and invasive. These creatures have a soft spot for lawns and they thrive in early fall, so not it is a good time to take them under scrutiny.

1. What Should You Know about the Southern Mole Cricket?

Mole crickets come in numerous species and varieties and give a hard time to gardeners and horticulturists in Florida, Texas, North Carolina and even Arizona and California. One type of mole cricket, however, is especially interesting as a residential property enemy: the Southern Mole Cricket. It feeds on the grasses roots and has no preference for established turf or newly seeded one. Being a cricket, people tend to disregard and underestimate it, as crickets are usually well-liked. But this one digs deep into your soil and dwells unremarked until it is too late and you have a damaged lawn on your hands.

2. How Does the Southern Mole Cricket Behave?

Aggressively, to say the least – its tunneling behavior put this cricket on the Most Wanted list for ecological endangerment. The Southern Mole Cricket feeds without discrimination on everything green, from small seedlings to full plants. They are even able to completely pull small plants underground. Seedlings are also in danger if you have a Southern Mole Cricket infestation on your property. You should also know that if you have less dense growth turf varieties like bermuda grass, the crickets will have the time of their life.

3. How Can You Spot a Southern Mole Cricket Infestation?

Our pest control Wylie, TX experts are reserved and mostly pessimistic when it comes to catching such an infestation in time. The issue here – and the thing that makes the crickets and environmental threat – is that they lay their eggs very deep in the ground in early spring. When the turf reaches its maximum growth potential in early summer, the maturing nymphs start feeding on the grasses’ roots. In late summer, early and mid fall, when the temperatures are still warm, the crickets reach their peak size and aggressively levels.

4. How Can Southern Mole Crickets Be Controlled?

Pest control Wylie, TX specialists warn you that you should be aware of their reproductive cycle and take your stand before the crickets have become too larger in size. However, if you spot them in September or early October, you should call your pest control team right away. First, you need to make sure the soil is moist enough, as the deep-hidden pests won’t care much, especially if the soil is too dry to have the chemical treatments reach deeper.  Another good solution this season is to install traps – but have your pest control Wylie, TX specialists install them for you, as there are some tips and tricks here as well.

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