Pros and Cons on Less Known Mulches: Lawn Care Allen, TX Pros Share Their Tips

There is never too much talk about mulch, especially at the beginning of a new year in lawn care and landscaping. Mulch is an essential part of your gardening and maintenance and our lawn care Allen, TX experts are here today to present you with four less known types of mulch. As we all know, mulches can be organic and inorganic, while all playing major roles in the economy of your landscape.

1. Organic Mulch

Buckwheat Hulls

This organic type of mulch is preferred by some of our lawn care Allen, TX specialists and their landscaping Allen, TX colleagues because it conserves moisture like no other. In our Texan weather, such a feature is of utmost importance and buckwheat hulls do a splendid job at keeping the roots cool and moist.

Pros: it is also an excellent weed suppressor. It is weed free and clean, with a fine texture and an aesthetic pleasing look, making it a good choice for trees and flower beds. If you mix it with coarser mulches you will have a reputable ally for your lawn. Remember to apply a 1-2 inch thick layer, but not thicker.

Cons: Buckwheat hulls are rather expensive and unstable mulches and they can easily be washed away or scattered by wind and wildlife. This is why it is recommended to mix it with coarser, heavier mulches.

2. Inorganic Mulch

Corrugated Cardboard

This mulch is better used when you want to suppress weeds and keep the ground and the roots cool. If you want to use it, remember to remove cardboard-centric debris such as plastic, tape, staples and so on.

Pros: It is cheap, easily available and easy to be used.

Cons: It also suppresses turf, so you’d better use it only if you want to suppress grass areas to make room for garden buildings. It is also aesthetically unpleasant, so it is better used in landscape areas driving fewer visits.


Just like cardboard and all other paper byproducts, newspapers are biodegradable usually used to keep weeds and pests at bay. They should be applied beneath another type of mulch in layers no thicker than 5-6 newspaper sheets.

Pros: They provide the soil with shade, making them suitable for trees or flower beds exposed to the sun. They are cheap and easy to use, smothering weeds and pests.

Cons: Besides being an unattractive type of mulch, some lawn care Allen, TX specialists fear that newspapers’ ink may infiltrate the soil and harm the roots.

Pea Gravel

Stones and gravel make some of the best-looking mulches preferred by lawn care and landscapists everywhere. Pea gravel makes a neat, clean and organized looking garden and it keeps the soil cool while fending off most weeds and pests. Our lawn care Allen, TX experts recommend it for permanent plantings.

Pros: Pea gravel is long-lasting and inert. Depending on your tastes, it can be colored to blend in your landscape while you can also choose its texture.

Cons: Since it doesn’t decompose, pea gravel doesn’t have any true benefits for the roots. It can keep the soil at a lower temperature, but it can also render it too alkaline.

If you want to learn more about other less known types of mulches, have a chat with your Allen, TX experts and listen to their recommendations.

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