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Protect Your Trees this fall against Insect Damage: Pest Control Murphy TX Pros Share Their Tips

Fall is an amazing season to make the best out of your trees. They spoil you with their bright and bold foliage colors, fruits, scents, shade, and aesthetic value. However, when it comes to caring for your trees in early fall, one of the most important tasks to keep in mind is trees’ pest control. This time of year, you need to keep your eyes open and identify the slightest insect activity on your property. While you can quickly figure out that something is attacking your lawn or garden, when it comes to trees, you may learn about a pest infestation only when it is too late. Today, our pest control Murphy TX pros are here to share some tips with you to keep pests away from your trees (and entire property) all season long. Continue reading

Lawn Service Wylie TX Pros on Early Fall Property Planning and Development

You may be well aware of the early fall property preparations you need to make to ensure your lawn and landscape health and resilience for the months to come. However, a quick reminder does not hurt. After all, paying attention to all tasks and implementing all lawn care activities is not an easy feat. Today, our lawn service Wylie TX experts are here to remind you of the most important points to consider when it comes to early fall property planning and development. Continue reading

Keep Your Bougainvilleas Safe this Summer: Pest Control Allen TX Pros’ Tips

Texas homeowners love their bougainvilleas and for all the right reasons. No matter if these gorgeous ornamentals come as trees, potted plants or vines, they are a true natural colorful wonder for any property. However, bougainvilleas, just as many other Texan plants, are vulnerable to a handful of pests. Of course, summer is the season these nasty critters thrive and attack your prized ornamentals, so our pest control Allen TX specialists are here to save the day. Let’s see together some bougainvillea pests you need to watch out for! Continue reading

Summer Lawn Edging: Lawn Care Plano TX Experts’ Ideas

When it comes to lawn care and landscaping you surely took into account lawn edging. This is a simple solution to visually enhance your property and clearly define separate areas of your landscape. Lawn edging plays a double role: from an aesthetic standpoint it helps you achieve a neat, ordered, organized lawn; from a functional perspective it helps you create barriers and delimitations. This strategy is recommended to those who prefer a more organized lawn rather than a wilder one. Our lawn care Plano TX experts are here today to offer you some ideas on natural lawn edging using materials at-hand to follow the naturescaping trends we already talked about a few times before. Continue reading

What You Need to Know about the Crape Myrtle Bark Scale: Pest Control Frisco, TX Pros’ Guide

Cultivating crape myrtles as lawn and landscape ornamentals is rather easy: they look amazing; they are quite resilient to pests or weather conditions and have great value on the farming markets. The crape myrtles’ resilience to pests, however, is contested nowadays by a new and rather exotic pest threatening them. Many horticulture, agriculture and pest control Frisco TX specialists warn about the crape myrtle bark scale – a dangerous pest which, of course, found its way to Texas and thrives. Our pest control Frisco, TX specialists are here today to offer you a quick guide on the CMBS so you can recognize and control it properly should it attack your crape myrtles. Continue reading

Planting Marigolds: Lawn Care Sachse TX Pros Share their Tips

Marigolds are amazing flowers loved for their yellow, orange, copper, gold, and brass nuances and hues, but also for their companionship properties for other plants and vegetables. These annuals are incredibly easy to cultivate and maintain, especially in these parts – they love heat, have few pests to deal with and make useful additions to a property for those interested in organic gardening. Marigolds last throughout fall and look amazing no matter their colors and nuances. Today, our lawn care Sachse, TX specialists are here to offer you a quick guide on cultivating and caring for marigolds. Continue reading

What do You Know about the Giant Water Bug? Pest Control The Colony, TX Experts Share their Tips

One might think that Texas is the holy grail of all insects and pests. Some of them can be just annoying, while others are quite a threat. In the past years people have identified around their homes some pretty nasty critters, horrific in look and worrying in size. Known as Giant Water Bugs or Toe Biters, these pests can be considered detrimental or beneficial, depending on your insect tolerance levels. Today, our pest control The Colony, TX want to offer you some tips on how to handle the Giant Water Bugs provided you find some lurking around your property. Continue reading

Pros and Cons on Less Known Mulches: Lawn Care Allen, TX Pros Share Their Tips

There is never too much talk about mulch, especially at the beginning of a new year in lawn care and landscaping. Mulch is an essential part of your gardening and maintenance and our lawn care Allen, TX experts are here today to present you with four less known types of mulch. As we all know, mulches can be organic and inorganic, while all playing major roles in the economy of your landscape. Continue reading

Look Out for the Kissing Bug: Pest Control, Plano, TX Pros’ Warnings

Paying attention to the latest media news, our pest control Plano, TX specialists couldn’t help but notice a growing concern related to the Kissing Bug and its association with the Chagas Disease that seem to have set everyone on fire. While this particular bug isn’t a lawn and landscape pest but a home one, we cannot overlook the fact that more and more of our readers and clients are asking us a lot of questions related to this insect and the dangers it poses. Today we will detail a few things about the bug and especially about some easy prevention and control methods.  Continue reading

Best Plants for Naturescaping: Lawn Care Murphy, TX Experts’ Top Picks

Not so long ago, we have talked about naturescaping – meaning planting of grasses and vegetation that is endemic to a certain region to keep landscapes beautiful and low-maintenance. Our readers were quite impressed by this emerging trend in lawn care and landscaping, therefore our lawn care Murphy, TX experts want to take a closer look at things. The trend stems from a growing concern towards the environment, local water consumption regulations, climacteric challenges and sustainability. Local grasses and plants are resilient to drought, local pests, weeds and diseases, need less water and fertilization and promote the thriving of the ecosystem (native beneficial insects, birds and herbs). Let’s take a look today at five naturescaping-centered plants and see if you can start a naturescaping project on your property. Continue reading

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