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Look Out for the Kissing Bug: Pest Control, Plano, TX Pros’ Warnings

Paying attention to the latest media news, our pest control Plano, TX specialists couldn’t help but notice a growing concern related to the Kissing Bug and its association with the Chagas Disease that seem to have set everyone on fire. While this particular bug isn’t a lawn and landscape pest but a home one, we cannot overlook the fact that more and more of our readers and clients are asking us a lot of questions related to this insect and the dangers it poses. Today we will detail a few things about the bug and especially about some easy prevention and control methods.  Continue reading

Best Plants for Naturescaping: Lawn Care Murphy, TX Experts’ Top Picks

Not so long ago, we have talked about naturescaping – meaning planting of grasses and vegetation that is endemic to a certain region to keep landscapes beautiful and low-maintenance. Our readers were quite impressed by this emerging trend in lawn care and landscaping, therefore our lawn care Murphy, TX experts want to take a closer look at things. The trend stems from a growing concern towards the environment, local water consumption regulations, climacteric challenges and sustainability. Local grasses and plants are resilient to drought, local pests, weeds and diseases, need less water and fertilization and promote the thriving of the ecosystem (native beneficial insects, birds and herbs). Let’s take a look today at five naturescaping-centered plants and see if you can start a naturescaping project on your property. Continue reading

Cockroaches Inside Outdoor Structures – A Real Threat Say Our Pest Control Frisco, TX Pros

As we have seen lately, there are some major trends in lawn care and landscaping that appeal to the most homeowners. Building outdoor spaces as extensions to the house is a popular approach and usually people jump at the opportunity. Moreover, the tendency to use more natural elements like wood and stone is getting more and more popular, especially since such structures take the shape of open kitchen and bars, dining areas, party areas, pantries, storage rooms and so on. However, the downside of all this is that when you put together people, food and organic matter you are more likely to meet the mighty cockroach, a pervasive scavenger that pays no heed to anything but itself. Today, our pest control Frisco, TX pros want to offer you some advice on how to keep cockroaches from infesting your outdoor structures and spread fear and diseases on your property. Continue reading

3 Landscaping Trends to Look Out for in 2017 – Lawn Care McKinney, TX Specialists’ Top Choices

Landscaping, lawn care and gardening are deemed the slowest of the architecture and design arts – after all, you can’t rush the growth of a tree. But, just like fashion and interior decoration, landscaping and lawn care do benefit yearly from makeovers and innovative ideas that soon turn into trends. Some people may wonder what can be new in terms of lawn maintenance or landscaping architecture, but our lawn care McKinney, TX experts have identified plenty of such trends and new perspectives related to this form of art. Among all, they picked their three most favorite ones, as they build upon some good practices and ideas our specialists already used or presented to our readers. Let’s see today, then, three interesting outdoor design trends to look out for this year! Continue reading

Organic Pest Control Murphy, TX Tips to Fend Off the Mexican Bean Beetle

Texas homeowners and crop growers share a problem with their peers in Colorado, Nebraska, Utah and Arizona: the Mexican Bean Beetle – one of the most damaging pests to beans and vegetables across the U.S. While this beetle’s activity and most destructive effects are on the rise in July and August, don’t for a second think it isn’t able to ruin your crops in September as well. As far as organic pest control measures are concerned, our pest control Murphy, TX specialists favor them the most, as chemical treatments can negatively impact the vegetables and thus your health as well. Today we will take a closer look at the Mexican Bean Beetle and its specifics to prepare you for a potential future infestation. Continue reading

Early Fall Preparations: Lawn Care Sachse, TX Specialists Share Their Tips

While the weather is still warm and you enjoy a lovely climate in fall, this doesn’t mean you have to neglect your lawn and landscape preparations. Our lawn care Sachse, TX experts are here today to share some tips and tricks on how you can prepare your turf in September so you can enjoy a glorious revival in spring. We will talk today about soil and grass preparations and other lawn care activities you should not neglect this month. Continue reading

October Tips: Lawn Care Plano, TX Specialists’ To Do List

Come October and our lawns, gardens and back yards start buzzing with gorgeous fall colors and life. But as all seasoned gardeners know, there are plenty of things to do and tasks to complete to have a lush and gorgeous property for the months to come. In order to help you get organized and efficient, our lawn care Plano, TX specialists have gathered here today to offer you a quick chores list to keep every green thing healthy and thriving in mid-fall. Continue reading

The Southern Mole Cricket: Pest Control Wylie, TX Experts’ Tips

Some of the most annoying and dangerous pests of them all are the ones that work deep undercover and which do their dirty deeds far from anybody’s sight. Sometimes, such pests can undetectably ravish a lawn entirely before anyone notices. Our pest control Wylie, TX specialists are here today to give you a short presentation on the Southern Mole Cricket, a pest which is both invisible and invasive. These creatures have a soft spot for lawns and they thrive in early fall, so not it is a good time to take them under scrutiny. Continue reading

The Aphid Fight: Pest Control Plano, TX Experts Share their Advice

All Texan homeowners have heard about aphids and their devastating effects on their properties. The biggest problem with aphids is that they are pretty resilient to insecticides and also to chemical treatments – this is why they are especially hard to get rid of once they comfortably installed on your turf. Our pest control Plano, TX specialists decided to offer you a short crash-course on aphids, their behavior and the organic measures you can employ to keep them at bay. Our experts are backed up by their lawn care Frisco, TX colleagues who also have a hard time in controlling aphids on the properties boasting with flowers and vegetation.

Continue reading

Caring for Your Roses this Summer: Lawn Care Frisco, TX Pros’ Tips

Many homeowners can’t wait for the hot summer months because they know they will enjoy the lusciousness, the beauty and the fragrance of their roses. Some grow heirloom varieties, icons of elegance, mystery, hypnotizing scents and deep dark colors. Others prefer more modern hybrids, letting them conquer the gardens and the patios with their vivid jolly colors and their tantalizing bouquets. But no matter what type of roses you grow and enjoy, you should take care of them properly. Our lawn care Frisco, TX experts have come today to recommend you how to care of your roses these next summer scorching months.

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