Best Plants for Naturescaping: Lawn Care Murphy, TX Experts’ Top Picks

Not so long ago, we have talked about naturescaping – meaning planting of grasses and vegetation that is endemic to a certain region to keep landscapes beautiful and low-maintenance. Our readers were quite impressed by this emerging trend in lawn care and landscaping, therefore our lawn care Murphy, TX experts want to take a closer look at things. The trend stems from a growing concern towards the environment, local water consumption regulations, climacteric challenges and sustainability. Local grasses and plants are resilient to drought, local pests, weeds and diseases, need less water and fertilization and promote the thriving of the ecosystem (native beneficial insects, birds and herbs). Let’s take a look today at five naturescaping-centered plants and see if you can start a naturescaping project on your property.

1. Buffalo Grass

This is the only grass variety endemic to Texas and the very definition of naturescaping. While it does need some irrigation, the Bufallo grass is extremely drought tolerant. Its whispy look is a good addition to the property but make sure you only use it for those areas with little foot traffic (front lawns with decorative purposes), as it doesn’t take foot traffic too well.

2. Common Bermuda Grass

By all means and purposes, this is probably the most used and appreciated turf grass in Texas. The grass is resilient to heat, grows very dense and is easy to establish. Being suitable for properties with little shade, experts recommend an overall 1.5 inch mowing height and regular watering. Our  lawn care Murphy, TX professionals recommend you to take into consideration the local watering regulations. The grass is affordable and grows lushly with little care.

3. Butterfly Bush

This is an adapted regional evergreen shrub that looks amazing in summer and its purple flowers attract butterflies – hence its name. It needs full sun to thrive and medium watering and it adds color, contrast and movement to your property. It is a perfect choice to sustainable landscapes promoting the development of the micro-ecosystem. As cost-efficiency is concerned, you should ask your lawn care Murphy, TX team about its watering needs as overwatering leads to root rot. The shrub needs cut backs every year to achieve optimal bloom and growth.

4. Texas Gayfeather

This is a native plant needing full sun and low watering in order to thrive. This deciduous plant comes in various colors ranging from pink and purple to white. It has plenty of wildlife value as its nectar is a nutritious source for butterflies, bees and birds. It will decorate your lawn and garden throughout summer and fall. While it needs some watering it takes dry soils very well. Your lawn care Murphy, TX specialists can offer you advice on where to plant it best for looks and ecosystem value and how to properly take care of it.

5. Mexican Feathergrass

If we talk about sustainability and naturescaping, this ornamental grass is mostly used as traditional turf replacement. It is a soft feathery grass reaching up to 2 feet in height that grows in both full sun and partial shade. Its watering requirements are very low and it greatly tolerates dry soils. Its ornamental color is either green or silver, it is a deciduous grass and is used in rock gardens, lawn edging, mixed borders, for erosion control or to replace lawn turf. Your local lawn care Murphy, TX specialists can give you a hand with watering, trimming and fertilizing this type of grass for a gorgeous naturescape-centered look.

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